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I posted the following message in the DOGS, DOGS, DOGS discussion group, and wanted to post it here as well:

One of our little neighborhood dogs is a hero!   The owner's human mom has asked me to shield his identity (she doesn't want this to go to his head!) but he is to be commended.  Last week he saw a strange man in the neighbors yard and barked his little head off until his human mom went to investigate.  She found strange man had shut off the gas to her neighbors house and was working with wrenches trying and steal her neighbor's gas meter.  When she confronted him (from a discreet distance) he argued and tried to convince her that he had a work order and was supposed to be working on her neighbor's heating system.   The neighbors were out of town, but she called them on their cell and they quickly alerted the police and fire department.  The man was in a beat-up old Chevy Astro van with no business insignia, and the man was missing teeth and dressed in very non-professional type beat-up clothing.  He saw she and the dog were not going to go away quietly, so he finally decided to himself.  SO LISTEN TO YOUR LITTLE FURRY BEASTS WHEN THEY TRY TO TALK TO YOU !!! AND DON'T HESITATE TO INVESTIGATE UNUSUAL OR SUSPICIOUS BEHAVIOR IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  IT MAY BE REALLY IMPORTANT TO YOU AND/OR YOUR NEIGHBORS !!!  You don't need to confront the situation directly.  You can call Police Dispatch at 720-913-2000 and ask them to send a car right away, or if there is an imminent threat, call 911. 

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