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Hey there! I was walking around Lindsley Park recently and noticed several new streets that are now 2-hour parking, e.g. Dahlia, Eudora, etc. It seems these signs were installed this weekend (8/17). 

Anyone else notice this? I'm wondering if there was any communication with the neighborhood first, and what the city's justification for the change was.



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There was no formal notification between the City and our neighborhood about this change.  In years past, all it took was several residents on a given street to complete an application requesting that their street be converted to 2-hour restricted parking.  But a few years ago, the City did an about face and tried to abolish this program, and they made it nearly impossible to implement 2-hour restricted parking in our neighborhood and several neighborhoods nearby.  Maybe there has been another regime change in this dept of the City?  I am as baffled as you are.  Perhaps you could start by contacting your City Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer's office and asking them for a little help understanding this.


After posting here, I actually did reach out to Amanda Sawyer's office. They looked in to the matter, and it turns out that I was actually mistaken – the two-hour parking restrictions are not new; they've been around for 4-5 years. A new sign was added, which is what confused me, but the general 2-hour restriction had been in place before then.

So, it was largely an error on my part, whoops! Thanks for your reply!

Sorry for the delay in my reply - it's been a difficult summer.  And thanks for the heads up about what you found after talking to the City!



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