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My wife and I live at 1315 Dexter Street and we just wanted to notify the neighborhood association that our garage was broken into last night and a bike was stolen. The intruder opened up our back gate, entered our backyard and entered the side door to the garage to take the bike. We filed a police report and an officer stopped by to talk with us about the break-in. Apparently this has been pretty common across the City but the first in our neighborhood. I just wanted to let everyone know to keep an eye out for anyone suspicious, especially in the alleys.



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So sorry to hear this happened to you.  When walking my dog early in the morning he often takes me down the alleys in our neighborhood because he apparently finds them more interesting than sidewalks - so we will try not to act too suspicious.  Seriously, you are right in that we need to watch out for each other and contact the police when we see something suspicious.  I know you probably don't want to hear this - but I have started to lock the gates to my back yard and always lock my garage side door.  It is an inconvenience and seems an imposition to have to go that far, but perhaps that would slow them down and discourage theft.  Again - I am sorry to hear about this theft.   


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