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Notes below – The presentation should be available on the website soon. I’ll post an update when it’s available.

Design and Development Activity
Continuum Parnters has formally submitted site planning documents to the city for the entire 26 acres
- Roadway, infrastructure, utility work, open spaces
- Defines development blocks
- Details for the first phase of construction
- Transportation engineering documents
- Storm water management plans (designed to handle a 100 year storm)
                  Detention via underground systems “vault like”
                  Surface treatment for water quality – 10% is treated

Vertical Development
Coming online starting Nov-Dec 2017 thru May-June 2018

Phase 1
Design development documents have been completed and submitted to the city. Known as “Block 7” this is the NW part of the campus adjacent to the existing parking garage at 11th and Colorado Blvd. This will include 3 new buildings.
- 7East (across the Albion ‘Muse’ walk)
- 7South (across the 10th Ave Plaza connector walk)
- The “Wrap building” screens the parking garage to the east (along the Albion Muse) – 6 stories
This includes 600 residential units, ground floor retail w/ apartments above.

Actively working the renovation of the parking garage
-    Temporary parking on the Ash St. Lot (Ash and Hale Pkwy) will move into the Garage shortly after the first of the year.
-    Construction Offices will be in the parking garage building

The park at north of the bridge building is being designed as a part of phase 1

Phase 2
The 4 ½ Blocks South of 9th Ave from Colorado to Ash
- Public plaza
- 135K sqf of retail
- 85K sqf 2nd floor office (mainly medical uses
- 106K sqf hotel - Existing 9th Ave Bridge Building

Put out an RFQ (July 10th) for Architecture firms and received 29 submittals, both local and national. Frank is reviewing them now and hopes to create the short list of firms to work with by the end of the month.

- 22 ft on Colorado blvd.
- 9th Ave – 18 to 20 ft.
- Interior 16’ w/ tree plantings, sidewalk and select areas with outdoor seating

- 11th and Colorado Blvd
- 8th Place and Colorado Blvd
- 8th and Ash
- Underground between Albion and Ash south of 9th Ave.

35% complete with demolition
   North side complete April 2016
    South side complete Sept 2016

45% complete – School of medicine is all that remains - Complete Dec 2015

Foundation on Block 7S (south of the 11th and Colorado Parking Garage) starting November 2015
Plan is to begin building as soon as demolition is done

Implosion of the Bioresearch Building (9th and Colorado) – August 29th
 High coordinated and planned event (public safety, hospitals, environment, traffic/bus reroutes, adjacent businesses and residences, etc…) 
A couple blocks around the building will receive flyer notices
Road Closures – Colorado Blvd. starting the morning of 8/29
13th Ave to 7th Ave starting at 3am
Starting 3am ending somewhere between 10am & Noon
Emergency vehicles will still be able to get thru
See Continuums map for more details on the closures but there will be closures at 7th, 8th and 9th Avenues
 People who live in the area will have access to their homes at all times – except for 1 hour when the building is being taken down.

This is the safest way to bring the building down with the least neighborhood impact vs. the alternative of pulling the building down over 4 months with daily closures on Colorado Blvd. dust and noise.  Better to get it done with one morning of disruption.
The building will collapse within the footprint of the building in 30 seconds.
Will sound like a fireworks show, followed by a rumble - no worse than like when a big trucks drive by
Wind is calm in the morning and usually is moving west to east.
Extensive methods to manage the dust
The building will be completely soaked before
Dust mitigations machines (like snow makers) weights down the dust and makes it fall
Giant screens will be used, that cause the dust to fold back into the site
Some adjacent buildings will be screened for protection
The building will collapse first to the east and last to the west to keep as must dust and debris to the east as possible.
The building was built in 1991 – no asbestos
There will be no safe place to watch the implosion. There will be a media location so that it can be filmed/broadcast.

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